Get more goods by using RoadCube every day

  • Transactions

    Through RoadCube you can do transactions either by paying with your credit card directly to businesses or by scanning your receipt. Every transaction is rewarded with points.

  • Checkin

    RoadCube rewards your presence to its network businesses. When you visit the shop just check in and you will get easily get points just because you breath next to the shop

  • RoadCodes

    Find RoadCube Codes (RoadCodes) in product labels, in flyers or even online and instantly get rewarded with point and gifts.

  • Vouchers

    Vouchers are the result of collecting points or the result of a checkin or a roadcode. Vouchers 99% lead to free stuff!

  • Contests

    Contests like they should be. Easy to follow and always rewarding you with points except the final prizes.

  • Surveys

    This is a new era for surveys. You get always rewarded for taking part and you always interact with company that asks information.

More with same budget

We sync thousand businesses loyalty systems with the RoadCube platform so that you can easily get many different points in a single mobile app. This is the end of all loyalty cards and different loyalty apps that make your life complicated

We put the consumer in the center and we collected all the loyalty systems around him. Just download the app and start purchasing goods.

New era for consumers

  • Get rewarded for each transaction

    Either you pay with mobile transaction or you scan your receipts you will get points for everything

  • Gain from any action you do

    Even if you dont pay a business you are able to get points by checkin, by contests, by surveys etc.

  • Increase your purchasing power

    RoadCube is the best way to take advantage of your points for quick results. Download the app and join the revolution.

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