Urgrade your store with a point system !

Create your own point system for your store and increase sales with the only proven way.

  • Up to 20% increase in sales the first 3 months
  • Make your customers loyal with the only proven way
  • Make your customers happy from day 1

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Create your point system

Create your point system and engage your cients.

No cards

You need to buy cards and spend time scanning them

Easy to Use

Consumers can use it from day 1 without training


All in 1 device

We put the technology and the marketing techniques used by big merchants loyalty systems in 1 simple IoT device that can easily be installed and used into local stores.

+Shipping cost

Easy Usage

Consumers just type their phone number and they win points When cosumer wins aa gift he gets notified by the device's screen.No cards or other difficult processes for consumers.


No process for you

You dont need to train the cashier. The consumer can use it without assistance. You just need to setup the device based on the instructions in package and you are ready to go.