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Connect with many loyalty systems in 1 mobile app and pay less everyday to local busineeses.

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All loyalty in 1 place

Forget the thousand loyalty cards and the different loyalty mobile apps.

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    Collect Points

    In each business you either scan the receipt, pay with RoadCube or checkin you collect points.

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    Get Vouchers

    Exchange points with vouchers in each business that lead to better prices or gifts.

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    Pay Less

    Show your vouchers to the cashier and pay less everyday.

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RoadCube is a mobile app that connects multiple loyalty systems with users. This is the end of all the different loyalty cards and loyalty apps. All the basic and advanced functionality in 1 mobile app.

Users can find small, medium and big businesses around their location and pay less using the loyalty program of each business.

Each business build its own loyalty and this is why each business has even different ways of rewarding. You will see businesses rewarding your presence at the shop with checkin or other rewarding transaction with mobile payments or receipt scanning.

You just need to collect points from the businesses around. Then you exchange these points with vouchers that lead to discounts or gifts. Then you need to visit the shop, show your voucher to the cashier and get your gift or discount.

RoadCube connect people with loyalty schemes. This means that you can find many different point systems inside RoadCube. For the small businesses you can find our own point system where the points are called 'moves'.

Points from different companies are not the same. For redemption you can find different catalogs for each point system.

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