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Increase sales for your physical or digital store withe RoadCube. Use our devices or plugins to make marketing and loyalty 100% automatic.

Create any loyalty system in a few seconds

Increase your store performance by building any loyalty and reward mechanism with points, visits, tiers, coupons and custom campaigns.

Automate marketing campaigns.

RoadCube will use your customer data and help you design your own marketing campaigns that will bring your customers back to the store and generate additional income for you.

Convert most of you clients to members

At RoadCube we use devices and plugins that can convert most of your clients into members without cards, apps and complicated registration processes.

Income Calculator

Learn how much additional revenue you can generate with RoadCube at your physical or digital store

Synchronize physical and digital stores

Combine data from physical and digital stores so that you can have 1 database for loyalty and marketing.

Face Recognition gives speed and accuracy

Synchronize any cashier machine worldwide.

Build your MarketPlace with synergies and partners.

Build your own loyalty marketplace and bring your partners to redeem and give points in more stores than yours.

Reduce the customer acquisition cost from day 1 and bring the best user experience to your customers with cross promotion actions with any partner you choose.

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Learn how you will upgrade your business using loyalty and marketing 100% automated by following a few simple steps

We work with the biggest merchants

Thousands of merchants in US, Italy and Greece trust RoadCube for their loyalty and marketing needs to increase
their sales and engage their customers using artificial intelligence.

Common Questions

You can easily create your own loyalty system with any combination of points, tiers, coupons and custom rewards via the web platform that you get with every subscription package. You will be able to change it whenever you need because all the devices and the connected software will be updated instantly.

In physical stores the device will register your clients automatically with the large touch screen and will help you get your terms of usage accepted. For your digital stores you will need to work with our API.

The web platform gives you an easy way to manage all your customers either they are frrom physical or from digital store.

We easily synchronise digital stores and any other third party software using our API. You can find the full documentation here

Enable the option for face recognition and enjoy the ultimate customer service, where all clients get and redeem points automatically.

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Physical Stores

Use our tablets placed next to the cashier

Digital Stores

Use our plugins and API to sync any software

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